We need YOU to help us celebrate an amazing 10 years! So if you need any convincing, we have a list for you:

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Event

There are more, but 10 seems to be the common theme

10. The Gatton Academy only turns 10 once.

Okay, call it a cheap shot if you want, but we all know it’s true. We are only ever going to have ONE 10-year celebration for the Gatton Academy. Are you really willing to wait another 10-15 years to celebrate another milestone of the Gatton Academy??

9. Solar Eclipse Festival.

What do the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series and a total Solar Eclipse have in common?? Two things that I never thought I would see in my lifetime! Good one, right?.. But let’s be real with ourselves, how likely is it going to be that we have the chance to witness another total solar eclipse? It’s almost like the moon, the sun, and bunch of other things aligned up in the universe to give us this gift for our celebration, which is why you should be there to witness this gift. Also, it’s a festival, and festivals are fun.

8. You’ll be part of history.

No seriously, before you roll your eyes and quit reading this, hear me out. There are going to be numerous times throughout the weekend where you will be able to leave a little bit of history behind like with the “Audio Archives,” leaving your mark on some infamous beams (this will all make sense in August), pictures on pictures on pictures, along with all the press releases and social media spotlights our social media/branding guru, Zack Ryle, will be creating–you’ll definitely be in the “History of Gatton” textbook future generations of Gatton students will for sure be forced to read in Seminar.

7. New Friends.

There are over 500 Gatton Alumni. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to at least meet 100 new people, which means 100 new friends on instagram, which means almost 100 new likes with every instagram post. But I guess I should add that this also means an abundance of opportunities to network with alumni–there I said the dreaded “n” word. Networking, gotta love it.

6. Old Friends.

With Michael in Chicago, Sarah in California, and Sam in Alabama, it is almost impossible that you are all in the place at the same time anymore. You know you want to come to the Gatton10 celebration to see your old roommates, classmates, and maybe even your old crush (hey, you never know)!

5. Remember Prom?

It was the best of times…It was the worst of times… No matter what kind of prom you had, we can guarantee you that our 10-year Celebration Dinner (and dance) will top any and all of your prom memories! And plus, there will be a photobooth…

4. Rutledge, Claus, and Uta…need I say more?

Better not be late to the first ever Alumni classes…

3. Tim Talk.

Have you ever heard a Tim Talk? Have you ever heard OF a Tim Talk? Then you know you don’t want to miss this!

If you haven’t…..YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! (Even I, know this…)

2.  The Originals.

Yeah, I just did that. I gave Pokey, Beth, April, and Derick a group name like they are a bunch of superheroes. Then again, they kind of are like a bunch of superheroes… But don’t forget all your other beloved Gatton staff that will be there!

1. Gatton has and forever will have a special place in your heart.

It would be almost un-American if I didn’t try to pull at your heartstrings a little bit. If you have read this all the way down to number 1 then you know it’s true, you love Gatton and this could be the lamest event (WHICH IT’S NOT!) but you still wouldn’t miss it for the world, and you love having an excuse to come back to a place you called “home” for two years.

See you in August, Gatton Alumni!